June 5, 2007

A Vegan Deed for the Day

Posted in cake, happiness, vegan, veganism at 6:56 pm by nevavegan

I passed around vegan birthday cake at work, a little late but better than never, though sadly to only four co-workers. They came back later demanding the truth, they just knew it couldn’t be vegan. You can’t make a good, moisty carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and not use cheese, and eggs, and butter! No, indeed, it is in fact vegan. 100%. Thank my good pal Tofutti non-hydrogenated “Cream Cheese” (really soy based) and using apple sauce instead of eggs, and grating in fresh carrots and loading it up with walnuts, and ginger and cinnamon.

Happiness abounds.

BTW, I have added an email me button to my profile. I might have to remove it if it results in out of control spam, but… When I started this blog I figured that people would leave comments, and that a lot of people reading had my email address anyway. Then I discovered I’d been getting emails on an old address I don’t really use anymore. Soooo, it seemed prudent to make a way for people to contact me. But fear of spam was the reason I didn’t do it in the first place, so we’ll see.

But for what it’s worth, seriously, you can leave a comment disagreeing with me if you like!!