October 5, 2007

Sorry I’ve Been Quiet

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:45 pm by nevavegan

This extra cat fostering, especially since Obi (not a foster) needs extra medicating and care at the moment and Melissa (foster) needs extra care, and then all the special needs cats as well…. Anyway, I’m exhausted and hardly capable of putting together a coherent sentence.

However, I am still amused and so I pass this on to you today, take a moment to consider the plight of the neurotypical.

I wonder if resistance to veganism can be traced to an inordinately high need to conform, which might be tied to an alarming rate of neurotypical spectrum in the general population.

I kid, I kid. Have a nice weekend everyone.



  1. bazu said,

    Hey… I know you’re kidding, but that makes a lot of sense! I have to read that article in greater detail now.

    Good luck with all the fostering stuff.

  2. mary martin said,

    I tried to take the NT quiz, but I found that on most questions, there wasn’t an answer that suited me at all. Is it a serious quiz? Are we activist-types supposed to be NT?

  3. Neva Vegan said,

    Thanks Bazu. I am joking but I do think it’s unfair when people make huge generalizations against disabled people so I was amused to see the tables turned.

    No, Mary, it is not a serious article or quiz and I believe that the quiz doesn’t even actually tally or work. It’s just a joke. No, I’m not saying as activists that we’re neurotypical… It’s that people anywhere on the autism spectrum are considered neuro-atypical, and then people make generalizations about what they can and can’t do. This was just turning the tables and saying that everyone else, that is people whose brains function in the most common, “normal” manner have a disorder and here are the symptoms of that disorder. It’s funny to me because it turns the tables on people who are judgmental or discriminate against the “differently able.”

  4. vko said,

    Hi Neva

    Hope you get some rest from fostering & caring for Obi!

    Neuro-typical/neuro-atypical…whatever the joke is- I can say that I have become neurotic about that orange kitty. I checked the weather today & worried about him during the anticipated thunderstorms for this evening. Empathy empathy- too much empathy. Hope to trap him soon though. Hope Obi is better soon!

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