October 4, 2007

Interesting: PBS’s The War

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I don’t know if anyone else is as huge a nerd as I am, but I watched much of the PBS miniseries “The War” about World War II.

I wish I’d caught this part better, but I was in the midst of running around medicating cats and a part came up about a soldier from the Pacific theatre of the war. (correction) His name was Eugene Sledge. But he came home and had trouble fitting back into society and suffered depression and alienation.

They brought up that before the war he had been an avid hunter, but after the war he said something like he could no longer bear to terrorize and kill animals who could not defend themselves against him. He finally recovered from his depression when he decided to go back to school and become a biologist.

I find this interesting because with the men in my own family who hunt I’d always taken this attitude that they couldn’t be reached because of their service in wars. I’d say “Well the government taught him to kill people, so what else is going to happen except that he comes home and kills animals.”

This brief portion of an otherwise really tragic documentary gave a glimmer of hope that maybe some people can see horrors and make something good out of it. That they can be taught to kill and then turn away from it.



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  1. Isa said,

    Like the Deer Hunter, only real. And with no Christopher Walken.

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