September 28, 2007

Why I didn’t blog against abuse

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:09 pm by nevavegan

I wrote three essays for blog against abuse day yesterday and ultimately found I could post none of them. The first I decided not to post as it was too long and covered too many topics. The second I decided not to post because in an effort to narrow my focus to one type of abuse I felt I was doing a disservice to all other abuses which need to be challenged. The third came closer to what I really wanted to say on this issue but was just way too graphic and would give people nightmares and perhaps give other less kind people ideas, so I decided not to post it.

Ultimately my bottom line on abuse is that each of us needs to examine ourselves and try to do better. For some that might mean letting go of all the rationalizations we hold that let us continue to eat animals, buy sweat shop products, or walk past suffering and do nothing. For others, we might have to do some hard thinking and self examination to realize the ways we might be hurting others. Self examination against abuse means no more excuses, no more promising it won’t happen again, but really taking solid action toward change.

Each of us also has an obligation to take a stand against abuse.

Standing up against abuse is a dangerous business in this culture. I wish I could tell you how to fight and where. We need to keep doing this though, raising awareness, teaching people, and those instances where we physically intervene to stop abuse.

If anyone wants to read that third essay I wrote, just email me and I’ll send it to you. Not that it’s any great insight or answers much of anything.


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  1. Eric said,

    I didn’t post, either. I think I just have too much on my plate to reflect meaningfully on the subject right now, so I’m not up for people telling me when I ought to do what, I suppose. I’m glad others posted, though. It’s nice to see the lively vegan, animal-friendly blogosphere keeping the dialogue going.

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