September 23, 2007

Anyone in the DC area want to give a cat a second chance?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:46 pm by nevavegan

We are trying to get the huge feral colony in our neighborhood under control, but it’s become apparent that some of the cats living in the colony are tame abandoned cats.

First we set out to get Buddy, who has an appointment with the vet today. We took these pictures of him while he was still outside to demonstrate how tame and dog-friendly he is.

Today we went to pick Buddy up and he showed up with Melissa who is pretty small and also very tame.

I’m hoping the clinic will just agree to see Melissa tomorrow too, and then hopefully they’ll be ready for new homes soon. You have no idea how crowded we are over here, so they are crammed into a tiny space and all the full time residents here are upset and crowded.

Edit on 9/25/07: Both Buddy and Melissa tested negative for disease, got a rabies vaccination, and underwent their sterilization surgeries yesterday. They are recovering quickly and should be ready for new homes in just a few days.


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