September 4, 2007

A Few Days Off

Posted in real life at 12:47 pm by nevavegan

Last week I took Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. It’s been a long time since I’ve really had any time off (except for having bronchitis in January), so it was nice to have a little time. I had big plans of everything I’d get done, but then I really didn’t end up accomplishing much.

Wednesday I got up early and took the dogs to Greenbelt Park, and then went to the store, and didn’t get much else done.

Thursday morning I went out for Vegan Outreach. All together we handed out 2400 pamphlets. Jon Camp handed out 1200 of those. I believe I came in second though as I got there an hour before Susan joined us and I’m getting to be a pro at it.

Thursday late afternoon I took the dogs to our nearby local park, but that didn’t go so well. I came out of the woods into the sunlight and there were so many ticks crawling up my pant leg and arm, just on the left side. I had to scrape them off, it was terrible.

Friday, I took the dogs back to Greenbelt (I was not going into tick central again) which meant that I got in miles and miles of walking during my time off, not to mention that leafleting, especially when I move around so much is very tiring.

Then Saturday I started getting supplies and preparing for our Labor Day party, which I’m calling Sandwich Fest. This was the second annual Sandwich Fest, so I set out to beat the first Sandwich Fest.

Saturday and Sunday were all cleaning and preparation. Sandwich Fest went very well, which is probably an entry all by itself.

Here’s what I made for Sandwich Fest:

Tofurky Club (with fake bacon)
Avocado with white wine and balsamic marinated mushrooms
“chicken” salad
Soysage, “egg,” n’cheeze on English muffins
Beer battered fried tofu with tartar sauce

Potato salad
(a green salad but I forgot to serve it…)

My cinnamon rolls (I bake them from scratch)
A tofu strawberry cheeze cake

But I think we’ll be eating left over sandwiches all week and maybe into next week. In some weird twist of fate most of the really big eaters ended up not making it and so I over-cooked. My friend Jessica took some pictures so hopefully she’ll email them to me and I can post Sandwich Fest pictures in a day or two.


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