August 24, 2007

I’ve been quiet: a few good things.

Posted in happiness, real life at 12:41 am by nevavegan

I had a conversation about veganism in the locker room tonight, sparked by wearing my vegan shirt. So that’s a good thing. The two women I talked to seemed interested in trying some vegan foods I suggested. Everything is always kind of awkward and rushed in the locker room so we didn’t get too in depth.

Liam and Squeaker are well, so that’s in the positive column. Liam is usually so scared of people, he cringes if I reach out to touch him. No, I wasn’t mean to him, it’s just a feral thing. Anyway, since I took care of him when he was sick he’s been coming to cuddle with me sometimes. Of course he wakes me up at like 4:00 AM by kneading on me with his claws. But I’m just so happy he’s better I can’t complain.

I really, really love this stuff I got. It’s a hemp/avocado/olive body oil in vanilla bean fragrance by Althaea herbals. I have really dry skin so a lot of lotions just aren’t enough, but at the same time I have sensitive skin and most skin oils irritate my skin. This stuff is incredible, my skin is insanely soft.

I ate mujadara for lunch for day. So awesome!

Walking the dogs today I saw something that I thought were little bits of white plastic by a hole in the sand, I looked closer and realized that they were the shells from turtle eggs and the baby turtles had hatched and pushed on out of the sand. Which is a great thing to think about, though unfortunately I didn’t get to see any baby turtles.

The gas company came and finally fixed the leaking gas pipes on our street and didn’t even have to hurt our tree, which I’d been worried about. And yay hopefully no more overwhelming gas smell and houses blowing up (that didn’t happen in our neighborhood but in District Heights). But we’d been calling the gas company for the longest time.



  1. bazu said,

    Fantastic on all fronts! My cat Marble is similarly torn between being stand-offish to the point of being feral, and being a cuddly kitty. Whatever mood she’s in, we have to respect, I guess!

  2. Neva Vegan said,

    Yes, we can’t expect cats to immediately adapt to our ways, we need to give them space and understanding. Liam was found abandoned by a client of Sean’s who fosters dogs. Liam grew up around dogs and loves our dogs but is shy of people. It’s kind od cute actually.

  3. Opal Tribble said,

    My vegan name shirts always cause interesting discussions at the gym. That’s all I wear.

    That’s good that liam and squeaker are well and that’s great that he seeks out affection.

    That’s a great combination for dry skin. I make similar formulations for myself.

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