August 18, 2007

Picture Day

Posted in real life at 8:29 pm by nevavegan

By the way, I’m thrilled to know that other people also sing silly songs to their companion animals. I knew I couldn’t be the only one, but now I have confirmation.

I don’t really feel up to philosophizing today, so if there’s any point to this post it’s that vegans do fun stuff sometimes, and we’re silly, oh, and vegans look young… I don’t know if that last one is actually true, but I do think healthy living can help. I don’t know, but here goes.

I am still tired today because I got up bright and early so Sean and I could go the arboretum and have our pictures taken. I accidentally met a photographer/filmmaker because he was making a short film on proper bunny housing, and Sean has created the ultimate bunny palace. Said photographer agreed to take our pictures and give us “mates rates.” So that was just such a stroke of luck!

Anyway, long story short, Sean and I really have no pictures of us together since we didn’t have a wedding and any pictures of us have been taken by other hikers as we happen upon them on trails. Needless to say I’m always drenched in sweat, bright red, and have my eyes shut in such hiking pictures. And sometimes showing such pictures is like “here I am about to pass out and this is the thumb of some hiker we don’t know.” Not very romantic.

This might sound entirely self-indulgent, but I also kind of feel like I were to die tomorrow people would have trouble remembering what I look like because there would be no decent pictures. Plus people seem to have trouble remembering what I look like anyway. Sean and I ran into the father of one of his old friends recently and later the friend asked her father “Was Sean with his wife when you saw him?” The father said “No, he was with some redhead.” The friend said “The redhead IS his wife!” I’m thinking redhead? Who? No, I don’t think so.

Also the acquiring of a picture would be nice because Sean previously had one that he liked that he took himself in his office and he recently removed it. He said too many clients were asking “Is that your daughter?” and then acting weird when he said “No, that’s my wife.” I feel somehow like Dorian Grey in reverse where I’m aging in real life but still appear to be a petulant pre-adolescent in photographs. So it would be nice if Sean could actually have a picture of me in his office without people wondering where he went to get around age of consent laws.

Also, when we did get married we asked the J.P. to snap a picture of us. But I have camera-fear which just translated as fear in the picture, so it kind of looked like someone was holding me at gunpoint to take my picture. It was bad, horrible really. I used to have it in my office but too many people were asking “Awww, is that you at your prom? You look so nervous!” Sigh.

In any case the cats are recovering well. Liam is really completely back to his old self and you’d never know there was anything wrong except for his shaved ankle where the iv was. Squeaker is still not eating like I would like, and getting her back to eating is difficult, so I’m still putting some food directly into her mouth to make her eat. She doesn’t seem to mind one bit actually, and it’s made giving her the antibiotics much easier because she knows something really yummy is coming next, but eventually she’s going to have to go back to eating on her own.

Other than this I’ve mainly been working on silver for a while now and I’m pretty much pleased with the results though certainly there have been some hitches. I hope to start selling some soon to both offset my massively breath-stealing vet bills, but also to contribute to some worthy causes, so stay tuned.

Here’s a sneak peak. These are a double-sided dangly pendants I’ve been working on. I put a dime in for scale. I use this stuff called PMC/ACS that is silver particles recycled out of old film or things like that combined with a wood putty so I can shape it. Then I fire it and all the wood burns out leaving essentially pure silver behind, but it gives me huge flexibility with what I do. Each of these pendants have two sides, one I painted and then used water etching to make it 3-D, the other side I cut out the silver like I do with my paper cutting art to make the design. The bird is a bird on both sides, the deer is a deer on both sides. I used sterling findings and glass crystals, plus amethyst on the deer and green flourite for the bird. Oh, and I treated them with sulfur to give them a nice patina.

The painted sides

And the cut out sides

And just for the sake of complete self indulgence here is a picture of me looking much younger than I actually am standing in front of the National Cathedral, just to illustrate the problem.



  1. jen said,

    looking forward to seeing the pictures!

    i look much younger than my age too, which is nice NOW because i look like an adult, just a much younger adult than i actually am (i’m 36). but a few years ago i had the same kind of problems you have — like when someone i just met was asking me how old my partner was, and when i said he was 30, she freaked out and thought that was disgusting… she thought i was her age, like 19. actually i’m a year older than my partner travis.

  2. Vivacious Vegan said,

    I love seeing pictures of people and being able to put a face to the writing. Thanks for sharing. You are so beautiful and I am envious of your hair. 🙂

    I too look a lot younger than I am. Which might be a good thing when I turn 40 (I’m 27). How old are you?

    Your jewelry is stunning. Please let me know when you do decide to start selling it.

  3. bazu said,

    Ohhhhh, I wish I had the same problem as you. I often get paranoid that I’m aging much faster than I should be, so I look 40 instead of 28. Which reminds me: hey, Crystal, (above comment) you’re 28, not 27! Quit lying about your age! lol.

    My husband and I had a very casual and chaotic wedding with no photographer. Consequently, there is no good picture of us together either. Hopefully we can rectify that some day.

    Oh, and I love the look of those dangly earrings, and getting to learn a little about the process.

  4. Neva Vegan said,

    Jen, I don’t think anyone mistakes me for a teenager any longer. I don’t buy much alcohol, only some wine about once every two months, but I almost never get asked for id anymore and the signs say “we id under 30.”

    Vivacious Vegan, that picture is probably not too representative of how I actually look! I’m actually –gasp– 34! I can’t believe it sometimes because I still feel younger than that.

    I will definitely let you know when I sell my jewelry. I was used to doing fairs, but I don’t want to any longer because the set up costs are so high that I almost never made anything off them. I’m intimidated by on-line selling but it seems the best option.

    Bazu, I’ve seen pictures of you and you look very young! But I know what you mean. I don’t feel I look that young in person, but sometimes in pictures it’s exaggerated. These are not earrings, but are pendants, like for a necklace. It’s so intricate to paint them I’m not sure I could easily do a matched set for earrings, but maybe I should try. I actually had some inspiration for doing necklaces that are dangly like earrings because 1) I had an old coin I drilled and was using as a necklace until it got stolen and I liked it, and 2) an Egyptian friend gave me an Egyptian necklace that was totally different, but had some parts that dangled down and I got so many compliments on it. It seems dangles are in style right now in Egypt.

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