August 16, 2007

Odds and Ends, or real life is kicking my butt

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Playing cat-nurse and just the worry, etc. in addition to the normal routine has me pretty tired this week. Liam and Squeaker are both very much improved. Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

I’m not sure I can manage to put together one coherent post today. So this is just bits and pieces.

On the real life front I wrote previously about my attempts to press assault charges against my neighbor and how those efforts went nowhere. At one point the trial was postponed because he was locked up in prison in Virginia. I was never able to figure out what he’d done in Virginia as the records aren’t online. Maryland though is online and it seems he’s had three more arrests in Maryland since the incident with me last September. (That’s 3 more in addition to whatever the offense in Virginia was, and no idea if there are additional arrests in DC either) There is another trial date set, but he’s requested a jury trial which might mean the judge will decide it isn’t worth it and just never send it to trial. I feel so exhausted with the whole thing and everyone is telling me not to expect anything.

I sort of consider the whole thing closed, but I hate to think that this guy is just still hurting people. But oh well. I did what I was supposed to and gave my statement and all. Beyond that I have no control over it.

Next up I want to touch on a discussion that’s come up lately about whether women are held back from embracing veganism by domineering male partners. I’m not sure how I feel about this because I’ve known a fair number of men who claimed to give up veganism because their wives or girlfriends didn’t want them to be vegan or made fun of them for it. But there have been some articles lately telling women to eat meat to impress men and other weird things. I always thought it should be the exact opposite, straight men should go vegan to impress women. I swear I have so many beautiful, intelligent, accomplished female vegan friends who would love to meet a guy who was at least making efforts toward veganism. Think you’re a huge geek and nobody will ever love you? Eat tofu and volunteer at an animal sanctuary!! Works like a charm.

Related to this though, I can’t help but think how much better a place the world would be if people would just be nice for a change! You know, if someone’s spouse wants to be vegan that person should ask why it’s so important to their partner, and then listen, rather than mocking and bullying. Yeah, I know, I’m a hopeless dreamer.

If anyone wanted a chuckle, someone was going through our neighborhood selling home security systems, and she stopped me just as I came home from work before I’d gotten to my door. I told her I already had a security system. She looked for a sign or stickers and not seeing any, she kept pushing her system, I said no thanks…. But the thing I wanted to say, but didn’t was “How about I unlock my door and walk away, and if you can step through my front door and stay in my house for at least 30 seconds, I’ll buy your security system.” But I was afraid she’d actually try it and then I’d get sued. It seems she didn’t notice the German shepherd and hound faces peering out at her. I know I should not make light of the protective tendencies of my rescued dogs, but it did amuse me for a while.

On the front of becoming the most ridiculous person who ever lived I’ve starting singing a new song to the bunnies while I feed them and clean up their area. I sing them Bif Naked’s “Lucky Ones” only I change all the words to be about bunnies. So it goes “It was on bun-day when my bunny told me, never pay the bunny with love only, and what could I say to you, except that I love you, and I’ll give you lots of treats. I know we are we are the lucky buns, I know we are we are the lucky buns.” I also find this additionally amusing to my warped sense of humor since Biffy is vegan herself. It is a beautiful song. I mean her version, not mine, is beautiful.



  1. jen said,

    i’m glad the kitties are feeling better. now take care of yourself!

    if it makes you feel better, i sing songs to my animals all the time. i have to play “yankee doodle” for my guitar lessons and i made up new lyrics so that it is about my cat. do you want to know what they are? no? too bad! (a little bit of background – my cat is constantly pestering us for more food and will chew anything string-like, especially when he gets mad about not being fed as much as his heart desires)…

    to the tune of yankee doodle:
    hungry kitty wants to eat, thinks he’s getting bony, stuck a shoelace in his mouth and called it “macaroni”

  2. mary martin said,

    greyhounds violet and charles, and kitty emily all have their own songs and even cheers (like the bad cheerleader stuff with will ferrell on older saturday night lives). my husband used to mock me, but now he wants to learn them and he’s making up ones of his own! and he used to be a meat-eater and has recently stopped eating meat–not FOR me, as he would say, but BECAUSE OF me. i agree with you neva, say you volunteer with animals and don’t eat them, and i’m yours.

  3. Neva Vegan said,

    Jen, that’s a perfect song for a cat! I’ve been trying to come up with songs for each animal individually, but so far I don’t really have them all sorted out…

    Q gets “Oh, Cutesie” sung to the tune of “Mandy.” Squeaker gets “Me and Squeaker McGee” sung to the tune of “Me and Bobby McGee.” Liam gets his own song just sung sing-song with no particular tune “His paws are cold and he’s not very old and his name is Mr. Liam…” Yeah, brilliant, I know. But the other songs are mostly situational and related to what we’re doing. I sound like I have no life huh…

    Obi doesn’t have his own song, poor guy, though that’s partially because all I have to do is say “Obi Wan” and he comes running and leaps into my lap. And yes, I just revealed there what a huge geek I am!

    Mary, it’s cool to know that you do cheers for your animals! Also bravo on your husband. I know it’s so tricky, people want to feel like they’re making their own decisions so they might be extra resistant to jumping on the vegan bandwagon just because their spouse has. On the other hand it’s hard to imagine how someone who is compassionate in other aspects of his life could just tune out the suffering of animals, especially if someone close to him keeps reminding him of it. Congratulations!

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