August 14, 2007

Apologies and all

Posted in companion animals, real life at 1:55 pm by nevavegan

I’ve continued to be missing and when I have posted it’s been tossed together with possible grammar and spelling errors. This is because I’ve been sleep deprived due to care for ailing cats.

I’m also sorry I haven’t responded to all of your wonderful thoughtful comments. I really will, I just need to get my head on straight first.

As I posted previously Liam got very sick. We were never even able to completely explain what happened to him. The vet theorized that he was suffering a bacterial infection, but no tests were completely conclusive, and our focus turned just to keeping him alive.

After Liam came home from the ICU, I spent a good number of nights getting up at all hours to medicate him, and sit with him, and just search for any sign of improvement.

As Liam slowly recovered, Squeaker, one of our older cats also fell ill, with similar but less severe symptoms. The vet said she was definitely suffering a bacterial infection and she’s on antibiotics too. Though she didn’t get as sick as Liam did, her recovery has been slow. Her appetite was never the most voracious anyway, and being sick and on antibiotics seems to have killed it completely. We’ve been trying for days to get her to eat. I can persuade her to eat a little if I sit by her and brush her the entire time (Squeaker is semi-feral, she loves to be brushed with a hairbrush, but hates to be touched with human hands).

Late yesterday Squeaker seemed to start improving and I hope that continues. I’ve really been a wreck all this time.

I know it sounds like we are bad cat parents, but these are indoor only cats. We can’t determine what they could have been exposed to, and we’ve searched the house. Sadly the only thing we can say is that the cats had their check ups at the vet shortly before they got sick, and also they may have eaten some treats that were meant for the dogs. Neither one of those things stands out as a likely source of illness, but we can’t find many other common factors.

I’ve been a nut case, bothering Liam every five minutes to make sure he’s still alive, but he’s very much improved. Now we just hope Squeaker will continue to get better too.



  1. bazu said,

    Oh I hope Liam and Squeaker have speedy recoveries! Antibiotics knock me out, so I can imagine how a little cat would feel. I also know the pain of having a cat with little appetite.
    No, you do not seem like a bad cat parent- far from it!

  2. Vincent Guihan said,

    I hope your cats get better, Neva. It sounds like you’re taking good care of them to me.

  3. Stitchinwitch said,

    Get well soon Liam and Squeaker

  4. Neva Vegan said,

    Thank you so much Bazu, Vincent, and Stitchinwitch! It’s horrible when they are sick because they’re so miserable and don’t understand. Squeaker is improving, little by little, so I’m very thankful.

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