July 31, 2007

Please read "Project for the New American Carnivore"

Posted in animal advocacy, vegan, veganism at 5:03 pm by nevavegan

James LaVeck and Jenny Stein have written a long, intelligent, well-reasoned piece regarding some changes in the animal rights movement as evidenced by the speaker list from TAFA, the conference which took place this last weekend. The essay is entitled “The Project for the New American Carnivore” and compares the domination of the movement by welfare issues to the neo-con takeover of our country’s government among other apt observations.

Please take a moment (or a little longer) and read this excellent essay.



  1. Joel said,

    I read this at the taking action for animals conference. It was handed out during lunch right before the “humane meat” jokers at AWI had their panel. It was great.

    Check out animalblawg.com, we are recapping the conference.

  2. Neva Vegan said,

    Thank you Joel! I am enjoying reading the animalblawg recap! I was at TAFA, but just tabling, so I missed most of the excitement.

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