July 25, 2007

Trying Again: 8 Silly Things

Posted in meme, real life, stupid me at 7:01 pm by nevavegan

Sean tells me that I did a very poor job on my eight true things meme. He says there are other aspects of my personality that are less expected than what I listed.

Around the same time it seems a lot of people were telling me I was too angry. My response was “What? Me? Angry?” So clearly the other side of my personality isn’t coming through in what I type.

So without further ado, Eight True and Truly Stupid Silly Things About Me

1. I like stupid humor. I liked “Austin Powers.” All someone has to say to me is “friggin’ sharks with laser beams on their heads” and I’m doubled over in laughter. I also really liked Dave Chapelle before he decided to quit. Not that that’s stupid humor, he’s actually wickedly funny, it’s just so inappropriate. But it’s just not something most people would expect of me.

2. I sing really badly but I like to sing to my companion animals while I do things. I usually like to take really dumb pop songs and rework the lyrics to be about my animals. As an example I might be playing with Kyra (the dog) with her rope tuggy toy and I’ll sing “Bite it Kyra, one more time!” Sometimes I sing better songs to them, for example there’s this Damien Rice song and the only part I really know is “Mmmm, mmmm, girl who does yoga, when we come over…” So when I give Kyra and Nikita their puppy massages (I really rub them down, they’re athletic dogs, so they get sore muscles like anyone) I’ll sing to them “mmmm, mmmm, dog who does yoga, time to turn over…”

Hmm, does the fact that I massage my dogs and call that “puppy massage” qualify as a whole separate silly thing?

3. Small stuff can make me really happy sometimes. The other day I took the dogs to the park and we found a few ripe wild raspberries the birds hadn’t gotten yet. It was something simple but really nice. It was like the trip to the park was already a big gift and the raspberries were the great big bow on top. We also saw a really cute green frog on that walk.

4. As a child I collected pin cushions. I had a pin cushion I made using some lace my great grandmother had hand tatted. I kept these pin cushions until one day while I was at work Kyra went on a rampage and tore apart all of my pin cushions, the handmade ones, the store-bought ones… But when I’d say that I was sad because my dog ruined my pin cushions nobody really understood. They’d say “huh? Pin cushions?” It was a tragic loss to me. Of course everyone wants to know if Kyra was ok. Of course she was, she didn’t eat any pins, just shredded the pin cushions.

5. Before I moved in with Sean I wasn’t sure I wanted to live with cats. Though I had companion cats as a child, I was afraid that Sean’s cats would bully my small rabbit Ivan. Instead it turned out to be the other way around and Ivan chased the cats and terrorized them. After moving in with Sean’s cats I came to adore cats. People often ask me with wonder “You have cats and rabbits? Don’t the cats try to eat the rabbits?” But I know the truth now.

6. I didn’t learn to drive really before I moved in with Sean. My parents never really taught me, and though I drove a couple times after I got my license, I then lived without a car and walked everywhere for about a decade. When I moved in with Sean I wound up in an area with less reliable public transportation, so Sean taught me how to drive. I’m still incredibly nervous about driving and it wears me out. I mostly only drive short distances.

7. I started eating really spicy foods pretty young and I love them to this day. I think many family members always liked spicy foods, but my grandparents were also stationed in Holland for a while where they were exposed to lots of Indonesian foods. It took me a long time to realize that not every spicy sauce or dip is called “sambal.” My grandparents still call every hot sauce “sambal” though, whether it really is sambal or it’s just chilli oil or if it’s Mexican salsa. When it comes down to spicy foods I far prefer my hot peppers freshly chopped to the kind of sour, oily, smelly stuff you get in a true sambal. My grandparents used to have their friends in Holland ship it to them because they couldn’t get it here. Also many sambals aren’t vegan or even vegetarian and may contain fermented fish or other gross stuff. Eet smakelijk!

8. I’m having so much trouble coming up with another one. This is hard. Sean thinks I need to repeat again for the record that I went naked for Peta before. So mea culpa!


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  1. jen said,

    i liked both your lists!

    burritos are my favorite meal too, and the guacamole and hot sauce are definitely the centerpiece. (although i like my hot sauce a lot milder than you do.) the tortilla, rice, and vegan refried beans are just the guacamole and hot sauce delivery system.

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