July 20, 2007

Second Attempt at Eight True Things

Posted in meme, real life at 4:57 pm by nevavegan

I was tagged before by Pattrice, but I started feeling like I was revealing way too much information so I buried my response. Now I’ve been tagged again by Animal Rights Malta (how cool is that? Tagged twice). So I will try again.

I’m not going to post the rules or tag anyone else to complete this one. If you think it’s cool, by all means, consider yourself tagged. The goal is to write Eight True Things about yourself.

The stupid thing about this exercise is that I’m really not all that interesting, so I keep trying to write stuff and then thinking “gee, this is boring.” So then I delete it and sit around trying to think of something less dull.

1. I used to make and sell nativity sets. I stopped because I got so, so tired of making the same kind of thing over and over, even though I tried to make each set unique with tiny little details. Mainly the ones that sold best were the really small ones with just Joseph, Mary, the baby Jesus and no animals. I liked making animals… Plus it’s hard to keep up with nativity-making when you’re working full time. I only started making nativity sets because I was making small animals and human figures and people kept asking for nativity sets.

2. As a child I cooked and baked on a real honest wood stove. It’s strange to do because you check the temperature and if it’s low you add more wood, but if it’s too hot, you adjust this gadget that lets less oxygen into the fire drawer and wait. Everything always seemed to taste great from a wood stove though and bread, cakes, and pies were always fine, though you’d think they’d mess up. We didn’t have an electric coffeemaker; we made the coffee on the wood stove too, with a percolator. It was the best coffee ever—I’d grind the beans in this silly little hand grinder and then put the percolator on top of the stove. I’ve since read that coffee made like this tastes good because all the bad stuff is extra concentrated in it.

3. Speaking of coffee I began my life long coffee habit when I was about five, maybe younger. Very early I started showing a preference for strong black coffee. I’ve quit several times in my life, a few times I’ve quit for more than a year at a stretch, but just the smell of it sparks such intense cravings in me that it’s hard to stay away from it. I guess because my mother spent several years of her childhood and teens in France she just thought all kids were supposed to drink coffee.

4. When I took sculpture classes my teacher told me that at heart I was an “object maker.” I did really well in that class and in 3-D design (2-D design was my nemesis). My sculpture teacher wanted me to pursue a Masters in sculpture, but that’s ultimately not the direction I took. I liked the class because it was the only time in my life I’ve had the space and opportunity to make sculptures that were 8 feet tall. Unfortunately they wouldn’t fit out the doors of the studio and had to be scrapped after I got my grade. Not that I had space to take home an single 8 foot tall paper mache bird, much less four of them.

5. When I talk about trying to do better for animals, ending animal enslavement, and promoting a vegan lifestyle I’m speaking out about things that for the most part I once participated in or was connected to somehow. I come from a family of hunters and farmers. As a child I went fishing. As a child I probably at some point ate almost any animal imaginable, even those animals that ordinary non-vegans would find distasteful to eat. My family had roots in animal fighting and all kinds of back-woods animal abuse. So when I speak out against this kind of stuff, I’m not speaking from an ivory tower, I’m talking about ending things I know and understand first hand.

6. My absolute favorite food in the whole world are vegan burritos with guacamole and really hot salsa. It’s almost an obsession. I am in love with the avocado, but even more in love with it when it’s mixed up with tomatoes, hot peppers, lime juice, and fresh cilantro. In fact, that’s what I’m eating tonight.

7. I lift weights but you’d never guess it from looking at me.

8. Not so much about me, but I seem to be having this problem with my internet browser lately where I can’t seem to comment on other people’s blogs or reply to comments on my own blog. Sometimes it works but other times it just keeps giving me this “security warning” that there are both secure and not secure areas on the commenting page, and then it won’t let me type. So that’s why I haven’t responded to your comments. I’m really sorry!



  1. mary martin said,

    you don’t think you’re interesting? I must be a real snoozer, then. you made nativity sets, for heaven’s sake! how many people can say that?


  2. bazu said,

    Love the 8 things- I’m an insatiable internet voyeur, love learning more about fellow bloggers! I wasn’t allowed to have coffee until I was a teen- but my younger cousins have been drinking it since elementary school. Things have changed!

  3. vko said,

    I drank coffe when I was three, but honestly, I think it was more milk with a teaspoon of coffee. Drank it right out of my double- handle sippy cup.

    I love that you are such a strong voice for animals even more so because of your background!

    I also like things in miniature. I was obsessed with Grandma Moses’ art because it was teeny teeny, bet your little animals in the nativity scenes were super cute.

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