July 18, 2007

I’m Walking On Sunshine

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:30 am by nevavegan

A brief break from real blogging to talk about some good stuff.

Obi (a cat) had to go to the vet to find out why he had a lump in his back, and now I’ve learned he does not have cancer. I’m so relieved. I’d like to say Obi is relieved, but he was never worried. Instead he has some deep scarring (like under the skin). It seems this is from playing way too rough with his brother Liam, but Obi initiates wrestling, so I don’t feel like I should stop it. Such good news that he isn’t sick though.

Next Isa Chandra Moskowitz put in me in a list of “People Who Deserve Cupcakes.”



  1. Animal Rights Malta said,

    You’ve been tagged: http://animalrightsmalta.blogspot.com/2007/07/memed-8-true-things.html

  2. bazu said,

    Hey, talking about Obi not being sick is real blogging! I’m so glad he’s not sick- that’s great news.

    You know, I’m tickled pink that Isa thinks I “deserve a cupcake” too, but I have no idea why I’ve been honored as such. =)

  3. vko said,

    Hurray for Obi! And hurray for Neva deserving a cupcake!

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