May 24, 2007

I got tagged for a meme

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:57 pm by nevavegan

Bazu of Where’s the Revolution has tagged me to name 5 blogs that I visit, that are smart and teach me things.

Hmm, well all kinds of blogs teach me things. I’ve saved blogs I like to frequent to the right on the blogroll, but it’s by no means a comprehensive list!

Of course I have to give props back to Where’s the Revolution and say that I love the beautiful food and recipes from her blog and thought provoking discussion and comments. But I think it’s cheating to tag back the person who tagged me, so without further ado.

Super Weed: Pattrice Jones’ new blog. If you’ve ever seen her speak you know how thought provoking she can be. Now you can spy on her daily thoughts as well. What could be better? I don’t always agree 100% but it’s certainly food for thought.

Voice for the Voiceless: always bringing up animal topics that get the wheels turning, plus beautiful photos of sanctuary animals.

Angie Reed Garner: Because she doesn’t shy away from tackling the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to art and art related topics. She can bring up deep fears or closely held hopes, sometimes simultaneously.

Lifestyles of the Chic and Vegan: Because I love hearing about how people became vegan, what issues speak to them, and how people navigate the vegan-unfriendly world and workplace while holding to their vegan ethics.

Animal Person: Mary Martin, Ph.D. discusses all sorts of animal issues. Again, I don’t always agree, but it’s often pretty interesting.

If you want to blog about the blogs you read and love, consider yourself tagged!



  1. bazu said,

    Thank you for participating- and for giving me new blogs to read!

  2. Anonymous said,

    Hi Neva, this is pattrice. Thanks for listing my blog! But — uh oh! — does this mean I’m tagged?

    By the way, please feel free to share your disagreements. While I loathe the point-scoring debates that sometimes pass for dialogue within the AR movement, I’m always up for a genuine engagement aimed at discovering the roots of disagreements in the hope of achieving consensus.

    Loving the art on the Angie Reed Garner blog.

  3. Neva Vegan said,

    Thanks Bazu!!

    Pattrice, you’re only tagged if you want to be. Thanks for saying I can share my disagreements. I can try–I’m not sure my thoughts are fully and totally formed just yet. But I do enjoy the reading.

  4. Deb said,

    Thanks for tagging me! 🙂

    I did my meme blog entry tonight. It ended up being a lot of fun to be able to toot the horn for some of the blogs I love to read.

    And, as bazu said, the meme-ing gives me new blogs to read!

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