May 22, 2007

A Break from Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:00 pm by nevavegan

Let’s see. I got sick with plague. Seriously, it was really bad and I still don’t feel 100% and it’s been four days.

Next, today was the day I was supposed to be in court, but the guy requested a jury trial, which I understand is some kind of ploy and this is likely to be the last I’ll hear of the whole thing.

There were topics I wanted to blog but I’m feeling so strange about it all. May and June are the months of unfortunate (and some fortunate as well) anniversaries for me. All kinds of ghosts are coming back to haunt me. My birthday is coming up shortly, a day I always dread. Blah, pointless angst going nowhere. I know I should just get over it, yet here it is. It feels fake for me to blog about happiness when the truth is that I’m wrestling down some memories at the moment.

It helps to remember it’s all part of the cycle. Anniversaries do bring things to the surface. It bothers me a little less this year than last, and last a little less than the year before.

There are still happy things. I saw the most beautiful tiger swallowtail butterfly today. The animals are all healthy and happy (knock on wood).

I had this nightmare during the worst of my fever about being stalked by Ann Coulter, and on reflection it’s kind of hilarious.


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