May 15, 2007

Tuesday = Random Day

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I did have a real entry planned out, but haven’t committed it all to virtual paper yet as I spent last night cooking huge amounts of mujadara to portion out for my lunches all week. Mmmm, mujadara… I put allspice in it too, along with huge handfuls of cumin.

Anyway, bits and pieces.

I have a friend who is in process of becoming vegan, but she’s hit a stumbling block: her family. She is married and has two kids who are young enough to depend on her for all their meals, but old enough to complain if they don’t like the food, and a husband who is sympathetic, but also likes to eat animal flesh and isn’t so bothered by doing so.

After directing her to a bunch of websites, it seems I took the wrong approach. She came back and said that while the websites were interesting, she found some of the veganizing advice there less than helpful. She said that her problem isn’t bad habits, or even cravings, or not having good recipes, as she’ll eat vegan food and love it for long stretches.

Her stumbling block is that after working many overtime days in a row and rushing to pick up her kids and scrambling to put dinner on the table, that she often caves in and gives her kids and husband the food they’ve been asking for. This is all tied up in exhaustion, stress, and the fact that she feels most motherly when she is feeding her family and feels most appreciated when they like the food she fixes.

So she was wondering if there are any good websites for over-worked, over-stressed moms, who compensate for working-mom-guilt by caving in and feeding junk food. I put it out to you guys because I’m sure she isn’t the only person out there facing this exact issue.

Oh, also she does most of the cooking herself and doesn’t use many prepared foods in order to save money, so when I suggested those pre-made veggie chicken nuggets, that wasn’t her favorite suggestion. I think she’s more looking for some kind of thought-control methods here to alleviate her mom guilt, though kid-friendly foods would likely help too.

—Ok, everyone who is easily offended stop reading now—

My next random though, connected to nothing really, is Noah. Yes, that Noah, white beard, big boat, the whole shebang.

On the Satya boards someone mentioned Noah as the first animal welfarist. I thought about this. Noah? A welfarist? My first reaction was: What does this have to do with anything going on now?

I’m not a theologist or anything, so maybe I’ll screw this up (and I really hope I’m not offending anyone), but as I was dashing over to the fax machine yesterday, a kind of silly thought hit me. What Noah has to do with today, if we can claim any relevance at all, is that his story tells us that God doesn’t like extinction. God was totally prepared to wipe out human beings, but he’d gone to all this trouble to make all those animals and he wasn’t about to see them all vanish. Preserving the animal world therefore is a religious priority. So, it seems to me that anyone today who holds Noah as a hero had better start fighting global warming, because the polar bear matters, the rainforests matter, that rare butterfly that only lives in one area in Nevada matters. God told Noah to give up his home, to say goodbye to his friends and neighbors, abandon his livelihood, but don’t let the animals die off.

How do we fight global warming? Not to be a broken record, but not supporting animal agriculture is the biggest step, and then there are lots of other steps too. But the UN report shows that animal agriculture is the single biggest threat to our environment. Nobody can build a boat big enough to fit every species on the planet, so we need to start thinking of the planet as our boat and taking care of it like a home, not treating it as a dumping ground or open sewer.

Well, I’ve probably managed to offend everyone on all sides.


And finally Prince Georges Feral Friends is conducting a survey for people who care about feral cats to ask them what roles non-profits and government agencies can play to help citizens help cats.


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