May 8, 2007

Adopting and Rescuing Companion Animals

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I thought I’d try for a lighter topic today, though I’m just preaching to the choir here.

I’ve written a bunch about my dogs, and shown pictures of my bunnies before. I also have feline companions.

Where I live it’s actually kind of hard to even walk down the sidewalk without tripping over an abandoned cat.

We adopted the dogs from rescue groups because we wanted some idea of how they would get along with cats and bunnies, and it’s worked out wonderfully. We found dogs with gentle loving temperaments.

Here are Nikita and Kyra, the dogs:

Here is some photographic evidence that Kyra loves cats and cats love Kyra.

Kyra with Liam

Kyra with Obi (while he was younger, and yes, he’s alive there)

Over the years we’ve rescued all kinds of animals and for the most part we’ve found other good homes for them, but some did wind up staying with us.

Not too long ago Sean snapped this rather unflattering picture of me after I collapsed across the bed after a long day.

Pictured are from left to right are Torty, Squeaker, Me, Willow, Obi, and Liam on the floor

Torty was a feral we trapped while trying to help out with a large feral cat colony. We thought she was young enough to tame and adopt out, but she did not tame as well as all the other kittens, so she wound up staying with us.

Squeaker was also semi-feral and remains very shy to this day.

Willow I found lying on the side of the road practically dead from starvation. I actually thought she was dead, but something made me stop and double check. Though she was an adult cat she was only 2 ½ pounds and was missing most of her fur. Our best guess is that someone abandoned her. She was obviously an indoor companion cat before, as she is quite the lap cat.

Obi we found in our gym parking lot cowering under an SUV. He was pretty skinny and had 3 different types of worms. It took a while to get him healthy.

Liam we actually adopted on purpose because Obi was so much younger than all the other cats and didn’t have anyone to play with. So we adopted him a brother.

Sometimes people express disbelief that I found such attractive, loving animals just abandoned somewhere, but sadly it happens every single day. In working with feral cats it’s amazing how many abandoned pure bred cats are found living with feral colonies because they’ve been kicked out of their original homes. Almost any type, color, size, and age of animal can be found at a shelter or rescue, though many of them need a good bath and a little fattening up to look their best.



  1. Deb said,

    Aw, I love these pics! I love hearing the stories, since there were obviously good endings for your crew.

  2. Vincent Guihan said,

    awwww, that’s cute.

  3. stonielove said,

    awe, they are adorable!

  4. Neva Vegan said,

    Thanks everyone, this entry was more or less an excuse to post cute pictures, though I did want to emphasize that they are all rescues.

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