May 4, 2007

Day O’ Random Trivia

Posted in real life at 5:01 pm by nevavegan

Ten years ago yesterday I met my husband. At a protest. I find myself saying all the time that we’ve been together ten years, but really it’s only been just shy of 9 and 1/2, since we did not immediately get together upon meeting.

In honor of our ten years of knowing each other I made vegan stuffed shells on Wednesday (last night was a gym night so no cooking). I find stuffed shells sort of a standby, but my husband loves them. I used a ton of garlic, tofu, put in some grated FYH “cheese,” and a spoonful of that Tofutti cream cheese lurking in the back of the fridge, and caramelized onions, and tomato sauce.

New Topic:
I once quit a job on my first day because it was just me and this creepy old guy in that particular office. He kept giving me tasks that involved standing on the step ladder to get down files from the very tops of the cabinets. I answered the phone, and it was a friend of his and when I gave him the phone he said “Yeah! But if you like how she sounds you should come up here and see what she looks like!”

Don’t know why I thought about it. I guess it’s just that if lately I ever think someone has said something inappropriate at work I go back through my memory and think “Ok, but not THAT inappropriate.”

More on work trivia: I once had a two week temp job when I lived in New York City and my boss at that job called me “Nina” the entire two weeks and after three days I just gave up all effort to correct him and went by Nina, and that’s what everyone else there called me because they all followed his lead.

At another job my boss came into the break room and started talking about how people in one certain religion were a bunch of nutcases, complete whackos. Only trouble? It was the religion I grew up in.

Aaah, good times.

Yes, there’s no substance whatsoever to this post. Give me a break, it’s Friday.


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