April 19, 2007

I have nothing good to say today, so instead I’ll try out this picture function

Posted in animal advocacy, rabbits, rescue at 4:58 pm by nevavegan

These are our adopted bunnies. Please ignore the mess, they get really excited about their dinner. We swept that up a few minutes later.
Clockwise from top left is Josephine, Jasper, and then finally Jasmine.
We’ve been through a lot of bunny loss. Sherman, my beloved, gigantic albino bunny, who was handed to me by a homeless man in NYC died nearly two years ago. The man had found Sherman as a stray that morning and had been pushing him around in a grocery cart all day. Then the other homeless men were threatening to eat Sherman, so he came to ask for my help. Sherman was so starved, but he recovered nicely. Anyway, after some unsuccessful attempts to find a friend for Sherman we finally adopted Juniper from the House Rabbit Society. They had many happy long years together. But Sherman died and Juniper was alone. We asked Bunny Magic if they had any bunnies who’d been waiting a really long time for a home, and we wound up with Jasper, who is essentially a feral bunny, but he’s getting calmer and more trusting now. Then pretty much exactly a year after Sherman passed away, Juniper passed away too. She was very elderly, so it was a shock, but not unexpected. Rather than keep adopting one bunny at a time, Bunny Magic encouraged us to adopt two, so if Jasper, who was an older bunny when we adopted him should pass away the surviving bunny would not be all alone. We adopted Josephine and Jasmine (formerly named Casey and Sugar, but we have this J thing going) who were seized from cruelty cases. Bunny Magic said that most people don’t like albinos because of their pink eyes, but how could I not love albinos after sharing my life with Sherman. So here we are, one big happy bunny family now.
The bunnies live in a big fenced area with hide-aways and ramps constructed by Sean. They eat some fresh veggies twice a day and get all the hay they want. However they only get dry food in a measured amount at night, because the vet said they were getting a little too chubby. Hence the excitement over dinner.


  1. Vincent Guihan said,

    Awwwww. Bunnies!

  2. jessica said,

    what nice bunnies. that is so nice of you to care for them.

  3. Neva Vegan said,

    Thanks everyone. Bunnies do require a lot of care, but they are a joy too. They are so sweet and cute. They are truly wonderful creatures and deserve good homes.

  4. PaulWolfe said,

    Yes, and speaking of care, Sherman got his name after General Sherman. If ever left out unsupervised, Sherman would chew a destructive path through electrical cords, wood trim, furniture, and other items.

    But he was a truly wonderful rabbit who was always kind and gentle with Juniper, who was half his size.

  5. Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said,

    such an amazing thing to do. as a wildlife rehabber, I saw all too many cases of bunnies being neglected, let loose, or improperly raised. there were always so many of them that it was often impossible to find them all good homes, and I cannot tell you how many days I wished for someone like you to come along and save them from their fate with animal control.

    as the lucky cohabitant in our home with seven rescues (tho all the feline/canine varieties), I know how wonderful you must feel about being able to offer them every comfort and shower them with love and attention (you know, when they actually let you 😉

    thanks for sharing the bunny love, they’re beautiful….just like what you’re doing for them!

  6. bazu said,

    I love the photo of your bunnies! I don’t think I’d ever seen an albino one before-very cool. I used to take care of my friend’s rabbit for her sometimes, and was amazed at the range of feelings and emotions that they can express. And I’m so touched by your stories of rescuing these little guys, especially Sherman. You and that guy who saved him have some good karma coming your way.

  7. vko said,

    I love this story- it’s wonderful how you have given a loving home to those in need. The story of how you got Sherman is kind of crazy, but so sweet. Please post a picture of Sherman one day!

  8. Neva Vegan said,

    Thanks everyone for your comments on the bunnies.

    We actually have canine and feline rescues as well. I can’t seem to walk down the street without tripping over a homeless cat…

    I love bunnies though–I was a bunny person originally. They really are so loving. My first bunny Ivan was extremely intelligent too–shows you how wrong the term “dumb bunny” is!

    It is such a good feeling to be able to help an animal, but sad when I’m so full up here with “residents” and fosters that I can’t help.

    I will definitely post some pictures of Sherman–he inspired some artwork too!

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